Saturday, 17 January 2009

Year 3 (Final Year), work up to Christmas

In the summer I painted the three paintings on the left of the above photo which are called Venetian Memory I, II and III, based on an overall theme of Memory of Place. Then I had them framed for my assessment, which was due at Christmas and also for an exhibition that I am having at the Gateway in Shrewsbury. Some people ask if they are prints as they are on paper, but they are actually acyclic and mixed media paintings on paper. I have also been working with metaphors of architecture, structure and memories and the large layered print in the middle of the photo is based on one of the boarded up windows I found in Spinalonga:

After painting the Venetian Memory series on paper I then decided to try and paint the same images onto canvas (shown in the right of the photo) and although they were alright I have decided that they look better on paper. Again the large layered 'thistle' print in the middle and below is printed onto Japanese paper and is also inspired by Spinalonga.

I also created a long turquoise hanging screenprint which was a continuation of my reflecting waterfall theme:

The two larger paintings to the left of the Waterfall print are continuing my Venetian Memory theme; where I am now starting to add more layers to my paintings with oil paints:

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