Wednesday, 8 March 2017

'Rock, wave, erosion', Staithes, North Yorkshire

I was asked to produce some new work for Staithes Studio gallery inspired by the beach, geology and rocks at Staithes, North Yorkshire. We have been exploring this area of North Yorkshire for a couple of years now as we take family holidays nearby and I have some of my blind embossing prints in the gallery there.

My first steps in this project are exploring the way that the sea has eroded some of the rocks on the beach using drawing, watercolour, linocuts and I have also been making some sugar lift aquatints. These rocks don't usually appear until the tide has gone out and it's a race against time to record what I see before it comes back in again.

Monday, 12 December 2016


Poinsettias seem to be a plant that is either loved or loathed and seeing the rows of these on sale in the supermarkets at Christmas in their plastic wrappings can be off putting.  For me their red foliage brighten up the house and I bought one last year with the specific intention of making a print.  

I wanted to capture the essence of the plant, rather than a detailed image, so made the continuous line drawing below and then a water colour painting above:

The linocut/vinyl block used to print with:

Printing with dark red/crimson ink using my etching press this is the finished print made into cards:

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Festival of Print, Art Pavilion, London

Two of my blind embossings inspired by the geology collection at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery are included in East London Printmakers exhibition 'Festival of Print' which is open from 2nd December - 11th December 11am to 6pm at the Art Pavilion, Mile End Park, Clinton Road, E3 4QY

'Brain Coral':

'Tree Fossil':

The Private View open this evening 1st December and all are welcome 6pm - 9pm

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Lino printed cards and gift tags workshop

Earlier this week we were back at Westhope College, near Craven Arms, Shropshire to run another one of our popular lino print workshops making cards and gift tags. Westhope is in the lovely Shropshire countryside and is beautiful at any time of the year and at the moment the autumn leaves are putting on a spectacular show of deep reds, orange, brown and yellow while the meadow is still green.

This workshop is devised for beginners, learning to linoprint for the first time and improvers who want to practice more. Most of the students chose to make Christmas cards and tags but the choice is yours, using a drawing, image or photo of your own to work from. At dinnertime a light lunch is provided and in the afternoon home made cake.

Our next workshop at Westhope is in the Spring on Wednesday 15th March and I'm really looking forward to seeing what new cards and gift tags the students produce.

Here is a selection of some of the designs produced this week:

Beautiful sunset to finish our day at Westhope:

Monday, 19 September 2016

Jacqui Dodds at BPN Architects

My new work 'Reveal Conceal' has now been installed at BPN Architects in Birmingham and is available to view there from 19th - 23rd September.  It's been exciting making this series of prints experimenting with composition, colour and exhibition space.

Artist and photographer Amy Lunn has been documenting my work and the processes I have been using which has been helpful to have someone other than myself recording the work from a distance.  Two of her photos are below along with some of mine:

Photo by Amy Lunn

Photo by Amy Lunn

'Library of Birmingham'  this limited edition screen print is of a different view of the Library.  I particularly wanted to include the Brutalist architecture of the car park to provide a contrast to the patterned layers of the Library:

'BT Tower, Birmingham' below is a preparatory drawing for this screen print, test print and final print. The red is an amalgam of two buildings on Newhall Street in Birmingham which were built in the late 1800s.  They are full of character and include arched bays, an oriel tower and are decorated by fabulous beasts:

'Town Hall, Birmingham' this screen print is inspired by a view of the Town Hall from Colmore Row and includes part of the ornate architecture of the Council House in Birmingham on the right of the print: 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

'Reveal, conceal' at BPN Architects, Birmingham

I've been busy over the last few months working on a new collaboration with BPN Architects in Birmingham. 

I'm really excited about this collaboration and the theme of my project which is 'Reveal, Conceal' , inspired by buildings and architecture around the area which the BPN Architects is situated.

I started by walking around the area surrounding Mary Street, taking photos and getting a feel, essence of place.  I noticed a lot of construction work taking place with some buildings wrapped in scaffolding, netting and plastic sheeting, either brightly coloured or devoid of colour.  These wrappings will eventually be removed and reveal new or renovated buildings underneath.

Walking along Newhall Street into the city through the vistas of the side streets I glimpsed some of the iconic Birmingham buildings which were also juxtaposed with other interesting buildings.  One of the views that I've concentrated on is of Birmingham Library is from the side and with a concrete, brutalist style car park in front of it which isn't the view that's it's usually seen from.   At this distance the colours are less saturated with atmospheric perspective, I've included this on some of the prints along with others that are more vibrant and colourful.

The work will be for BPN’s loading bay and inside the building. I am making a series of prints themed ‘Reveal, Conceal’, referencing the changing landscape of building work interspersed with glimpses of iconic buildings around the Jewellery Quarter.