Thursday, 20 August 2009

Cambridge Open Studios 1

A few weeks ago I travelled over to Cambridge to visit the annual artists' Open Studios there. I had not been before and have wanted see the studio of artist Charlotte Cornish whose work I have been admiring for a few years. Charlotte's work is gorgeous - really vivid coloured abstract prints and paintings with inspiration taken from places she has travelled to:

Charlotte's studio is one of the most ideal spaces I have seen for creating wonderful works of art. I love the idea of being able to sit/lounge on this chaise longue and contemplate the work you have just produced. However, I think in real life this would be just a dream as I know how busy life is for a practising artist!

I love the floor of Charlotte's studio too as it is like a painting in itself:

The studio is really in a gorgeous setting, how can you fail to be inspired and produce good work in a place like this?


lotta said...

Thank you for sharing the open studio events. It is my favorite way to see artists and their work. We have something similar here during one weekend each fall. Also, thank you for your nice comments lately - I love visiting your inspiring blog as well!

Darcy said...

I was so pleased to see that you'd been to Cambridge Open Studios and seen Charlotte Cornish's work and studio. I love the studio too, it's in a lovely setting isn't it? - and so light. The floor is fascinating - as you say - almost a painting in it's own right!! Can't wait to see you for a chat and to exchange Cambridge stories!

Jacqui Dodds said...

Glad that you like the postings about artists Lotta.

Thank you for the Open Studios brochure Darcy that let me choose who to visit!