Monday, 12 October 2009

Venetian Lion

After a local gallery has taken some of my my cards to sell in their gallery and they require further designs, I needed to start work on these and chose this image of one of the Venetian lions in Saint Mark's Square, Venice. I have also been rethinking the printing process too as usually I print my cards via my Gocco machine. However, Gocco have ceased production of their machines and supplies which has meant increased prices for the supplies that are still in circulation. This lead me to actually try screenprinting the cards and since I have joined Birmingham Printmakers this seems like a sensible way forward. The above is my image on the screen before I have printed it and then during printing:

I have not decided yet whether I like the design as it is or whether I need to do more to it, also whether it would be better to put this card out at the start of next year or spring, rather than now, when it may be more appropriate for summer holiday time?

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