Monday, 11 October 2010

Sarah Mitchell book binding workshop

On Saturday I travelled up to Preston for a very exciting workshop that was being run by Sarah Mitchell, whose blog littlepaperbird I have been following for a while now. Sarah makes the most beautiful hand bound books and I was delighted when I received an email from her to say that she was having a workshop to make this gorgeous concertina album:

The workshop was held at PAD shop and gallery in Preston which has some wonderful art and crafts on sale so that in between making the books we could wander round and look at all the artists' work. Sadly PAD is closing at the end of this month due to funding cuts which I think is a great shame as it showcases the work of about two hundred artists and is a great source for ideas and presents.
Sarah showed us how to inlay a piece of paper on our covers and I chose a piece of Japanese paper with silver leaves and flowers on it:

My finished book:

Sarah also had an exhibition of her books on display in the gallery and it was lovely to see all her books for real after seeing some of them on her blog:

Sarah also makes exquisitely crafted boxes:

These are some of Sarah's bound books which I was amazed at as they are so beautifully finished:

I particulaly like these herringbone books and they would make ideal presents or even just to treat yourself! See these books and others for sale in Sarah's shop


Leslie Avon Miller said...

These are beautiful. I'm searching for the correct binding for a book I am making now. Problem solving.

richard norman said...

Some very nice work here.

I have never seen such a large concertina binding.

Being a bookbinder I sympathise over the cuts in funding, such a shame that a thriving artistic community that serves so many, should close due to cutbacks.

Good luck

Jacqui Dodds said...

Thank you Lesley - please show us your binding when you have solved the problem.

Jacqui Dodds said...

Thank you Richard - all the credit for this goes to Sarah who is very talented.
I am finding making books is becoming addictive!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful sounding workshop! Your finished book looks beautiful.

acornmoon said...

lovely workshop, I am a fan of "Little Paper Bird" too and would have loved to attend but it clashed with another event.