Thursday, 24 March 2011

Lino printing, blind embossing, making journals - School Workshop

Yesterday I ran a 'Lino printing, blind embossing, making journals' workshop at William Brookes School in Much Wenlock. The Year 10 students were just about to embark on a new project with a theme of landscape for their GCSE Art and their teacher wanted me to explore images and ideas using two artists - Henry Moore and Kurt Jackson for inspiration. Firstly we talked about the kind of mark making that these two artists use and then the students used their ideas to sketch out images that they could use in printing:

Then the students started to cut their lino blocks:

When their lino blocks were ready I did some blind embossing with them which unfortunately I don't have photos form this session but you can see some from this other workshop with the link here. Next I talked about the way that the students can create patterns with their blocks and then they printed them with different colours:

Finally I helped them make their lino prints and blind embossings into concertina journals that the students may use in their GCSE Art work to record any inspiration, sketches, ideas, artists e.t.c.

The students really enjoyed themselves and felt that they had learnt new skills and enhanced their drawing techniques whilst working towards something that could help them in their GCSE Art module. I really enjoyed running it too and am looking forward to my next 'Lino printing, Blind embossing, making journals workshop'.


Hannah said...

well done on the workshop! what great printing results, looks like a fun time had by all!

natekitch said...

some great work, really enjoy the prints, infact i think the last image is my favourite, happy to of found your blog

Jacqui Dodds said...

Hannah - thank you we did have a good time.

Natekitch - thank you, I think that the students worked really well and yes that last print is great - very subtle colouring.

acornmoon said...

some lovely textures and patterns there.