Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Window and Plant Memories, Wightwick Manor

This is my 'Window and Plant Memories' concertina book that I made for the art project that I have been involved in at Wightwick Manor. The flowers that you can see in the book are screen printed onto Chinese paper and are inspired by a book that I found in the house which was Gerard's Herball printed in 1693. Although the flower drawings in the Herball are not botanically correct they were inspiration for the flowers of William Morris, along with the Netherlandish Medieval paintings of Van Eyck and Hans Memling.

On the inside of each of the covers I placed my blind embossing prints which were inspired by the windows at Wightwick Manor. Here is the book again without the bars at the window:

We had a wonderful private view for the exhibtion which was organised by the National Trust who also provided a small booklet which included all of our work in. At the private view one of the lovely volunteer guides pointed out that if you looked out the window behind my book there was a large bed of flag irises. This was a wonderful coincidence as these were one of the flowers I printed into the above book - I didn't know that these irises were going to flower there at the time that I started printing in the winter:


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Lovely work in a fabulous setting. I particularly like the blind embossing and how it echoes the design of the windows.