Thursday, 5 July 2012

Photo-etching, variations on a plate

Although I have been screen printing for a while these are not the only types of print that I make. Above is a photo-etched plate that I made a while ago that I have been thinking about for a while with a view to taking some more prints from it. The image itself is inspired by Venice, with the shapes being the outlines of the columns on the Doges Palace and the hand drawn marks inside the 'windows' taken from drawings I made from a Venetian Doorway and the ripples on the canal.  Below is one of the original prints that I took from the plate:

Firstly I inked up the plate with this lovely Viridian Green - the first two photos are the first print I took and I was very pleased with it as I felt it really captured the essence of Venice with the colour of the canals and also the image appeared to be emerging from the mist that is often typical of Venice.  The third photo below shows the second print taken straight after without re-inking the plate which gave a more subtle colour:

Then I altered the colour by adding 'Turquoise lake' to the Viridian Green and also adding extender to the mix which gives it a lighter tone without reducing the body. This evokes again the mist but with the sunlight trying to break through:

This morning of printing was very satisfying ending with five different print variations of the same plate which I am very excited about:


Sandra Robinson said...

They look so beautiful Jacqui, the colours are gorgeous.

acornmoon said...

ooh, they look good!

Jacqui Dodds said...

Thank Sandra and Valerie for your lovely comments.

Niki, unifiedspace said...

s t u n n i n g colours. I adore the first image in particular, in fact I cant take my eyes off it. What lovely work.