Saturday, 1 June 2013

Cornwall: part one

A little behind on my blog posts lately as I have been taking in some professional development print workshops.  A few weeks ago my daughter and I headed off to Newlyn in Cornwall to attend a Drypoint and Monoprint course with artist Naomi Frears at the Newlyn School of Art. When we drove down there on the Sunday we were greeted with drizzling rain and mist so that we couldn't see the sea. However, by the Sunday evening as we walked along the front things were looking up (see above).

Monday morning and as the sun was shining we started the course in Newlyn School of Art, below is Naomi on the wonderful press that the school have:

Naomi showed us drypoint and monoprint techniques and some of her work:

Lovely tubes of etching and lithograph inks:

My sketchbook, prep work and some of the prints I made:

Naomi giving us some feedback and further instructions:

My daughter's sketchbooks and some of her prints:

In the afternoons when we finished we managed to see some sunshine and the lovely town of Newlyn:

Looking across the bay to St Michael's Mount:

Newlyn harbour:

Trereife House where we stayed:


Sandra Robinson said...

How exciting Jacqui, I would love to do one of the courses that they run at Newlyn or the St Ives School. I love Naomi Frears work, how fabulous to do a course with her as the tutor. Your prints look wonderful I am looking forward to seeing some more.

Carole King said...

I first saw Naomi's work when i attended a fabulous workshop at Porthmeor print workshop in St Ives about 15 years ago. I was so inspired by my whole experience that i went back to art college and havent looked back since.
Cornwall is inspiring in itself - and it makes a great place to go for a workshop like this

Elizabeth Banfield said...

This looks amazing Jacqui. Talk about a perfect spot for a printmaking workshop! Looking forward to seeing more work from it.

Jacqui Dodds said...

Sandra - yes it was good to work with Naomi and thank you glad you like the prints. I also visited Naomi's latest exhibition at Beaux Arts in Bath recently.

Carole - thank you for your comment - must have been fabulous to do a workshop at Porthmeor print workshop - we did go by there a few days later but it wasn't open. Yes Cornwall is very inspiring :-)

Yes it was amazing - the space to work in was ideal and determined to make more work using these print methods.

Jacqui x