Thursday, 1 August 2013

Book Review - the printmakers' bible

I am very pleased to have been contacted by Bloomsbury publishers offering me a review copy of this new book theprintmakers’ bible as I have previously read books by printmakers Colin Gale and Megan Fishpool and have really valued their printmaking advice.

As a printmaker some of the methods of printmaking discussed in this book are familiar in practice to me and some are not.   I was interested to find out whether it would offer me sufficient information about methods I did not know much about.  This was tested out with an enquiry I had about solar plate printing.  I duly looked the method up and the printmakers’ bible offered information about: what the plates consisted of; how to handle and cut them; to expose them; make test strips; how they should be inked up and wiped and printed.   If I wished to try out this process I feel that there is probably sufficient information in order for me to try this out myself.  However, usually if I want to engage fully in a new print process I would attend a workshop with a printmaker who practices the technique.  The book could then act as a good reminder after a workshop and for further tips; as sometimes as I find I don’t always remember everything.  There are some useful practical tips in it to help increase accuracy of your printmaking techniques.

The book includes photos from contemporary practicing printmakers which I found inspiring and I have bookmarked new techniques to try out in the future. It does not claim to cover everything about printmaking, however, is great book to keep by your side for reference, good for dipping in and out and a very handy size (24.5cm x 18cm). 

Clear photographs of processes, techniques and finished work:

With clear sections explaining different print processes and techniques:


Inkyprints said...

Looks great!

sukiartist said...

A very useful review3

Anonymous said...

A very interesting review Jacqui. Makes one want to take a good look inside .

acornmoon said...

Another one for my wish list!

Jacqui Dodds said...

Thanks for your comment - yes it is a very good book.

Thank you for your comment and really glad that you find my review useful.

Thank you for your kind comment and great that you want to peek inside the book more.

My wish list for books is very long! - glad that you want to add this one to your list.