Monday, 28 October 2013

Introduction to Reduction Lino Printing - Birmingham Printmakers

Here are some photos from another one of our 'Introduction to Reduction Lino Printing' workshop that Christine Bradshaw and I ran at Birmingham Printmakers earlier in the year. Reduction lino printing is where one piece of lino is cut and used multiple times in one print, as the lino block is recut after each colour printed.

Each workshop participant begins with an image or design of their choice and then starts to cut and print their first colour layer:

Then on to recutting the block choosing and printing the second colour: 

Then the third and final colour which really pulls the print together:


I love to see the variety in the prints that are produced and am always very proud of how unique each one is.  The next workshop date is Sunday November 3rd.


acornmoon said...

The results are wonderful, each one so different. I have never tried this method but feel inspired to now. Maybe one day!

Jacqui Dodds said...

Yes I think they are wonderful Valerie and yes you should try it :-) x