Monday, 9 March 2015

Herringbone lino print

Whilst researching Roman artefacts for my exhibition 'The Space Between' at Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery I used the Roman herringbone floor at Wroxeter Roman City for inspiration. The herringbone floor at Wroxeter is still in situ, however, it is covered with a protective membrane as it has been subject to a great deal of wear and tear over the years from the weather and human traces.

I started carving this lino block last summer, but because I was busy printing the main part of my exhibition I have only just got round to printing it properly. After carving the block I printed it as a blind embossing where there is no colour at all and you can see the lovely deckle edges of the paper:

As it is a small lino block I decided to print it up as cards in a beautiful Prussian Blue ink and am really pleased with the results. These cards are available in my Folksy and Etsy online shops.  Next I'll be carving a slightly larger lino block and printing some limited edition prints which can be framed and hung on the wall.

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