Monday, 19 September 2016

Jacqui Dodds at BPN Architects

My new work 'Reveal Conceal' has now been installed at BPN Architects in Birmingham and is available to view there from 19th - 23rd September.  It's been exciting making this series of prints experimenting with composition, colour and exhibition space.

Artist and photographer Amy Lunn has been documenting my work and the processes I have been using which has been helpful to have someone other than myself recording the work from a distance.  Two of her photos are below along with some of mine:

Photo by Amy Lunn

Photo by Amy Lunn

'Library of Birmingham'  this limited edition screen print is of a different view of the Library.  I particularly wanted to include the Brutalist architecture of the car park to provide a contrast to the patterned layers of the Library:

'BT Tower, Birmingham' below is a preparatory drawing for this screen print, test print and final print. The red is an amalgam of two buildings on Newhall Street in Birmingham which were built in the late 1800s.  They are full of character and include arched bays, an oriel tower and are decorated by fabulous beasts:

'Town Hall, Birmingham' this screen print is inspired by a view of the Town Hall from Colmore Row and includes part of the ornate architecture of the Council House in Birmingham on the right of the print: 


Olga Norris said...

These prints look great. It is fascinating to have different architectural styles together as that is how we experience them. It looks as if you enjoyed the experience, and I hope that the exhibition receives a good response.
Let's hope that this leads you on to more interesting projects like this - even if simply off your own bat.

Jacqui Dodds said...

Thank you Olga, I have really enjoyed making these prints and mixing the architectural styles. As in most towns and cities there is a lot of change taking place and I wanted to reflect this and have people think about the changes. I have also included some of the construction work that is taking place which is part of the skyline, however, temporary. Some changes are for the better and some not.