Saturday, 31 December 2011

Clare Woods, The Unquiet Head, Hepworth Wakefield

At the end of October I took a slight detour in my journey home with the intention of seeing Clare Woods' latest exhibition The Unquiet Head at one of Yorkshire's newly opened art galleries The Wakefield Hepworth. The immense scale of Woods' work evokes the 'motif of rock formations found within the British Landscape' and allows the viewer to stand back and observe these 'canvases' in a similar way that the viewer would do outside. Woods responds to the subject just as modern British artists Graham Sutherland, Paul Nash and Barbara Hepworth have done before. However,Woods prefers these works to be 'directly related to sculpture':

Sections on these aluminium canvas appear to be painted as smaller scenes, creating psychologically resonating worlds within themselves and the larger whole appears to take on figurative organic forms:

Individual areas explore texture and colour:

The gallery itself is an impressive space with large windows enabling close up views of the surrounding old renovated buildings and rushing water of the river outside:

Clare Woods exhibition continues until Sunday 29th January 2012. Other exhibitions included some British landscape artists, paintings and drawings of Yorkshire and an ongoing exhibition exploring the processes of Barbara Hepworth at work:


Sandra Robinson said...

I have not visited this gallery yet this is something I must do this year, this exhibition looks really interesting. Clare Woods is a new name to me, I have not seen her work before.

Jacqui Dodds said...

Thank you for you comment Sandra. I was firstly interested in Clare Woods work as she paints onto aluminium and was also very intrigued by her subject matter and use of colour and texture in the pieces.

The Wakefield Hepworth is a lovely space, I really enjoyed looking around it. The staff are very helpful and friendly as well.
I do hope you are able to visit there this year.

Anonymous said...

Really great post and I really enjoyed getting to see the artwork. Its great when galleries allow you to photograph the art. The Hepworth Gallery is at the top of my 'must visit' list and you have made me want to visit even more now!, Thanks you.