Sunday, 10 August 2014

Askrigg Falls, North Yorkshire 2014

Although I spent some time growing up in Yorkshire it is only over the last few years that I have been back and explored its landscape North of where I used to live.  These photos were taken last week after all the excitement of the Tour de France winding its way through the many villages and countryside had passed.  Although I walked with a lot of lovely friends to Askrigg Falls I found time to take some quiet snapshots of the beautiful countryside and the paths that we took.


Olga Norris said...

What a wondrous walk. I always used to think of myself as a metropolitan person first, but now I find that I long for overwhelming Nature and Landscape.

I particularly like the photo you took of the ferns' shadows on the flagstone path.

Jacqui Dodds said...

Thank you Olga,it was very uplifting - scenery, flowing water, sunshine, shade and good company.

Thank you yes I had to stop and look to see the shadows and someone asked me what I was doing and then was able to see for themselves when I explained what I was taking photos of.