Monday, 23 May 2016

In the Shadow of Old Oswestry Hill Fort, artist book and prints

My artist book 'In the Shadow of Old Oswestry Hill Fort' that has been in exhibition in the Willow Gallery, Oswestry is now moving to a new exhibition 'The Human Temperament at Blossoms Gallery in Aberystwyth. 

In the middle of the concertina book is a blind embossing of Old Oswestry Hill Fort, the inside covers are screen printed and the outside is covered with beautiful Japanese Moriki Kozo paper.  

I am inviting the viewer to take a closer look at the archaeology and nature that are intertwined with human activity on and around Old Oswestry Hill Fort and its impact on the environment.  This project came about as a result of pressure from proposed development  in the area which could  subsequently wipe away the identity of the Hill Fort. The 'Ghost Trees' print alludes to the human habit of destroying nature to the point of extinction.

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