Monday, 16 May 2016

Old Oswestry Hill Fort

On one of the beautiful sunny crisp days in March we went for a walk around Old Oswestry Hill Fort so that I could gather some inspiration for a new project and exhibition that I am involved with.  The exhibition was organised to celebrate the heritage of this wonderful place, its archaeology and environment which may be under threat  by new development plans.

Old Oswestry Hill Fort is a very peaceful place to walk around and I was immediately drawn to the ploughed, straight lines and stubble giving structure to the landscape. This contrasts with the smoother organic lines of the ramparts on the Hill Fort.

It's fairly quiet up on the top of the Hill Fort and as you walk around the only sound to interrupt is the birds and there are also magnificent views all around. The winter shadows from the trees in the landscape were long and drawn out on the ground.

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